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Bear Awareness

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What to know in Advance

Aspen is centered in prime bear habitat. Bears are wild animals and are unpredictable. While they prefer to avoid human contact, many bears have become used to spending some of their time in Aspen. Habituated bears will enter urban areas in search of human food sources. So, it is common for bears to venture into the middle of downtown Aspen during both day and night. This is also becoming increasingly true for other wildlife such as moose, mountain lions, elk, and deer. 

What can you do?

  • Trash Pick Ups; If you have trash, please always contact the Front Desk at 970-925-7820 and we can come pick it up immediately. We pick up trash 7 days a week from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Remove Attractants
    • BBQs grill:  please call us to have your grill cleaned.
    • Keep pet food indoors.
    • Secure windows and doors.
    • Don’t leave food or trash inside your vehicle.
  • Keep Your Distance   

Human-generated activities can cause severe stress for wildlife and could provoke them to take action to protect themselves. If you encounter wildlife when you're out and about, remember that they are wild animals.

 If you encounter a bear and you feel it presents a threat, call the non-emergent dispatch line (970-920-5310) or 911 in an emergency.

If we can help with any further questions, please call the Aspen Alps Front Desk at 970-925-7820